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Deadwood documentation

This is the documentation for Deadwood, MaraDNS 2.0’s recursive resolver.

Jun-21-2013 ABOUT.html
Jan-29-2015 CHANGELOG
Nov-01-2011 Changelog.summary
Sep-19-2010 comparison.table.html
May-07-2013 Copying.txt
Nov-19-2013 Deadwood-HOWTO
Nov-19-2013 Deadwood.html
Nov-19-2013 Deadwood.txt
Sep-23-2010 Duende.txt
Nov-19-2013 dwood3rc-all
Nov-19-2013 execfile-HOWTO.html
Jan-27-2015 FAQ.html
Jan-27-2015 FAQ.txt
May-07-2013 INSTALL.txt
Feb-12-2012 known.bugs
Jan-01-2014 my.current.blacklist
Feb-28-2012 Recursive-algorithm.html
Sep-02-2010 resolution.bugs.fixed
Feb-29-2012 Update-guide.txt
Sep-23-2010 Vista.txt
Jan-20-2013 Y2038.statement
Deadwood main page