MaraDNS and NAPTR support

Duane duane at
Sun Sep 16 05:34:22 EDT 2007

We ( are evaluating MaraDNS as a suitable authoritative only
name server options.

I found it curious to read this note in a prior post:

"* Support for the NAPTR record type.  I added support for a lot of
record types between the 1.2.07 and the 1.2.12 branches, but it seems
there is real-world demand for at least one of the record types I did
not implement.  Note that MaraDNS can support this record type
indirectly via the RAW record."

I'd have to when this was written that no one had attempted to even try
to build a raw NAPTR record as it is almost impossible to do so without
doing a zone transfer from a server that already supports this option.


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