Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Sat Sep 22 21:29:10 EDT 2007

>   Never mind, it would seem that the latest security updates of glibc
> magically fixed this too.

OK, I apologize for being so rude last Thursday.  I was a little
overwhelmed and ended up acting a little short.

Here is my survival guide for Debian users:

*       No, I do not support the version of MaraDNS that
Debian stable comes with.  MaraDNS 1.2 has been, since, a
"bugfix only" branch, and no new features have been added to this
version of MaraDNS.

*       It is very easy to update the buggy MaraDNS that the
Debian package comes with with an updated MaraDNS.

*       First, download MaraDNS from the MaraDNS download
page  ( or from the Sourceforge
page (

*       Next, unpack the MaraDNS tarball.  For example, if you
downloaded the file "maradns-", type in this command:

        tar xvjf maradns-

*       Enter the maradns- directory

*       Compile MaraDNS with the following commands:

                ./configure; make

*       If the above fails, you may need to install the "gcc" and
"libc6-dev" packages before being able to compile programs:

                sudo apt-get install gcc
                sudo apt-get install libc6-dev

*       Once MaraDNS is compiled, make sure to stop the MaraDNS daemon:

                /etc/init.d/maradns stop

*       Now, replace the outdated MaraDNS program that comes with
Debian.  From the maradns- directory, type in the following

                sudo cp server/maradns /usr/sbin/

 *       Restart the MaraDNS daemon:

                /etc/init.d/maradns start

At this point, your MaraDNS daemon is now the fully supported version of MaraDNS.  If you continue to have the bug  or concern
after upgrading to, please let us know so we can begin to
resolve the issue.

- Sam

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