Boris Dores babal at
Sun Sep 23 10:41:01 EDT 2007

On Sun, Sep 23, 2007 at 01:29:10AM (GMT+0000), Sam Trenholme wrote:
> >   Never mind, it would seem that the latest security updates of glibc
> > magically fixed this too.
> OK, I apologize for being so rude last Thursday.  I was a little
> overwhelmed and ended up acting a little short.

  Don't worry, I understand, that's no problem. And anyway you were
right, since upgrading (the glibc, not maradns, but that's not really
the point) solved the problem. The only minor excuse I had to not have
kept my server up to date was that the domain which couldn't be resolved
was specifically the debian mirror I use to get packages :(

> Here is my survival guide for Debian users:
> *       No, I do not support the version of MaraDNS that
> Debian stable comes with.  MaraDNS 1.2 has been, since, a
> "bugfix only" branch, and no new features have been added to this
> version of MaraDNS.

  That's a perfectly understandable and reasonable choice.

> *       It is very easy to update the buggy MaraDNS that the
> Debian package comes with with an updated MaraDNS.

  This, on the other hand, may not be that obvious. I guess it may
not be that easy for every one (ok maradns may not be a good example,
it's really simple...), and more importantly, I don't think it's a
good practice for users to recompile applications by hand instead of
using packages whenever it's possible : it's standard, it's faster
(of course), cleaner (the most important from my point of view), can
be uninstalled, and it's more reliable both for their systems (no
dependancy problems) and for developers who then know exactly what users
have installed.

  The good news is that's why was invented :)

  I'm willing to provide a backport of maradns for debian etch (unless
of course Kai Hendry is willing to do it himself), just like I did last
year for sarge, but I had absolutely no time over the last 9 months to
do it. I hope I will next week or so.

  That way, you can keep supporting only (once again, I have
nothing against it, it's obviousiously a good choice to save your time),
and users can keep installing packages only, while being told to upgrade
since it requires really no work and no mess.

Boris Dorès

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