Problem with .fr domains [TEST check if server is really recursive]: answer refused from server (IN/SOA: fr.)

Alexandre Lepage a.lepage at
Sat Aug 1 01:44:12 EDT 2009

If you could, would be nice I could try it.

I searched on my side too, and I found the detailed list of tests performed
by ZoneCheck for the .fr domains :

The error comes from this test :
Test "correct_recursive_flag" (MANDATORY)
    Serveur de nom réellement récursif (Name server really recursive)

Here is my mararc file, in case it could come from it :


On Fri, 31 Jul 2009 23:54:30 -0500, Sam Trenholme
<strenholme.usenet at> wrote:
>> And about the reverse question... ZoneCheck is te software used by the
>> AFNIC (the association in charge of .fr registration) and I'm pretty
>> I'm doing something wrong
> DJB mumbles darkly about the things you need to do to make domains work
> with
> the .fr domain:
> I will have to translate it in to MaraDNS config data.

Alexandre Lepage
Difuzer Enr.
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