Problem with .fr domains [TEST check if server is really recursive]: answer refused from server (IN/SOA: fr.)

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Mon Aug 3 13:24:44 EDT 2009

All I can say at this point then is "works for me":

$ askmara -v | grep avail
Recurs available: 0
$ askmara Tversion.maradns.
# Querying the server with the IP
# Question: Tversion.maradns.
version.maradns. +770616 txt 'MaraDNS version Q.20090802.2'
# NS replies:
# AR replies:

The only way you can get a "Recursion available" from MaraDNS Q.20090802.2
is if you enable it in your mararc file with "recursive_acl".  There's
something else going on here; make sure there is no maradns binary on your
system besides the Q.20090802.2 binary.

I'm thinking, at this point, you were using a different version of MaraDNS
when the "askmara -v | grep avail" was run, or the program is
using a different mararc file.

- Sam

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