Problem with .fr domains [TEST check if server is really recursive]: answer refused from server (IN/SOA: fr.)

Markus Ferlitsch m.ferlitsch at
Tue Aug 4 14:53:32 EDT 2009

Hi, the configure --authonly version works fine

But why the nomally compiled version do not work.
What is the difference between the authonly and the normal version?
The authonly binary is smaller than the other.
Why there is not only one version and the authonly configurable via
the mararc file? Would this not be better?

2009/8/4, Sam Trenholme <strenholme.usenet at>:
>  >will try it tomorrow - it's time for bed :)
> Sweet dreams...dulces sueños.  :) I too am bilingual, unfortunately my other
> language is Spanish, not French, because they told me Spanish was easier,
> and because, in California, there's a lot more Spanish around with 33% of
> the people there speaking the language
>>Normally it should work, shouldn't?
> I hope so.  I want to see this issue resolved so I can close this ticket and
> add a AFNIC FAQ.
> The reason why I'm not going to have it so one can have both recursion and
> giving the correct RA for AFNIC is because the next version won't allow
> recursion and authoritative DNS on the same IP, so the less I have to
> massage the older soon-to-be-deprecated recursive resolver, the better.
> - Sam

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