zoneserver logging of originating IP

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Sun Feb 1 12:20:04 EST 2009

> In trying to troubleshoot some issues with secondaries that are not
> managed by me, it would be helpful to know the IP address axfr
> requests are coming from

This is a legitimate feature request.  I'll look in to implementing it
if I can get a sponsor to help me for a small fee.

> I even
> spent some time trying to get zoneserver to work with xinetd since
> there were some cryptic messages that this works but no implementation
> details were provided and I had no success - any pointers on that
> front?

This I can explain.  A few years ago, someone wanted to have inetd
support for zoneserver, so I implemented it.  It made the code much
more messy, but I was a younger and more naive (or, perhaps, less
cynical) programmer and implemented it.  People didn't seem very
interested in it, so I removed support for it between then 1.0 and 1.2
release, since I wanted to add other features to zoneserver, such as
csv2 support and generic DNS-over-TCP support.

The obsolete 1.0 release of MaraDNS should still support this, but you
won't get csv2 support nor DNS-over-TCP:

IP logging should be easy (and I'll welcome either a small amount of
money to sponsor me implementing it or a patch that implements it);
restoring inetd support should also be possible, but will take a much
bigger patch or a somewhat larger but still small amount of money for
me to implement.

- Sam

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unwilling to compensate me for my time, I will probably not answer
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