MaraDNS sponsorship possibility: OpenBSD support

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Tue Feb 10 12:28:30 EST 2009

> I'm having a build error on OpenBSD 4.4/amd64.

MaraDNS (the last snapshot) builds fine on Ubuntu Linux 8.10/amd64.

If you have a patch that resolves this issue, send it to the mailing list.

Also, I am willing to look at and resolve this issue if someone is
willing to sponsor MaraDNS support on OpenBSD.  Prices are reasonable
and I can download an OpenBSD 4.3 32-bit VMware image at
to work on; for a little more, I am willing to download and install
OpenBSD 4.4 64-bit in a VMware image.

Thank you for your support; sponsorship makes continued MaraDNS
development possible.

- Sam

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