Hostnames on an internal subnet that also resolve in public DNS

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Tue Feb 10 12:37:40 EST 2009

> I need intercommunication of a cluster of servers living in a private
> network (10.x.x.x), but also need to get to the address of the hosts via
> public DNS.  So, for example, might resolve to,
> routable only within the subnet, but from an external location (our office)
> would resolve to a publicly routable IP like 98.76.544.321.  Within the
> subnet the servers also need to get at public addresses too, like
>  I have all of this working with the config below.

This is a feature that MaraDNS does not support.  If you wish to see
MaraDNS have this feature, I would love to have someone sponsor adding
this feature to MaraDNS.  I will, in addition to adding this feature
to MaraDNS, add you to the MaraDNS sponsors list and even put a note
about your sponsorship at the bottom of the MaraDNS main web page:

Please email me in private to discuss prices, which are currently
surprisingly reasonable.

Sponsorship makes continued MaraDNS development possible.

- Sam

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