problem zone transfer

Bryan Duff duff0097 at
Mon Sep 28 12:38:43 EDT 2009

Windows Server 2003:

"Invalid response from master DNS server at during attempted
zone transfer of zone  Check the DNS server at and
ensure that it is authoritative for this zone.  This can be done by viewing
or updating the list of authoritative servers for the zone.  When using the
DNS console, select zone Properties at server and click
the Name Servers tab.  If needed, you can add or update this server in the
list there.  As an alternative solution, you could also modify settings in
the Zone Transfer tab to allow transfer of the zone to this and other DNS

This is with MaraDNS 1.3.14 (same thing happens on

Windows pulling a zone transfer from Bind works (bind seems to use a
different format than MaraDNS - one that appears to coincide with the more
recent draft of the AXFR rfc).  In this case all the answers come back in
one DNS message (as opposed to one message per record [or one answer per DNS
response], like MaraDNS appears to do).



2009/9/26 Sam Trenholme <strenholme.usenet at>

> OK, they're not telling us which DNS server they use, so we'll have to ask
> them.
> - Sam

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