problem zone transfer

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Mon Sep 28 13:13:16 EDT 2009

> Windows Server 2003:
> "Invalid response from master DNS server at during attempted
> zone transfer of zone  Check the DNS server at and
> ensure that it is authoritative for this zone.  This can be done by viewing
> or updating the list of authoritative servers for the zone.  When using the
> DNS console, select zone Properties at server and click
> the Name Servers tab.  If needed, you can add or update this server in the
> list there.  As an alternative solution, you could also modify settings in
> the Zone Transfer tab to allow transfer of the zone to this and other DNS
> servers."

To be honest, I'm sure this is a legitimate bug.  And, you know, if I
was selling MaraDNS licenses for, say, $300 a pop, I would have no
problem paying the $400 to $600 Windows Server 2003 costs to install a
copy so I can look at this issue.

I can not even look at this issue unless someone is willing to sponsor
me to do so.  Their sponsorship will need to cover the cost of me
legally having a copy of Windows Server 2003, in addition to covering
my time to revise zoneserver.c to fix this bug.

No, I will not download an illegal copy of Windows Server 2003 from
The Pirate Bay (or wherever people get illegal media these days) just
to fix this bug.  Yes, if Microsoft offers some kind of developer's
program, I will fix this bug as soon as someone is willing to pay for
me to join said program and get a copy of Server 2003 via this

Bottom line: People, by and large, don't pay me for MaraDNS
development.  I also haven't gotten enough goodwill and fame
developing MaraDNS to get my dream job in Silicon Valley (I did get an
interview with Google, but they never hired me).  So, alas, fixing
Windows Server 2003 issues is a little beyond my budget right now.  :(

Is there a free way to get this DNS server running in Windows XP Home
Edition (Service pack 3 with all updates, Spanish-language)?  Because
that is the copy of Windows I have a license for (two, actually; a
VMware machine also runs XP Home in Spanish).  Another option is to
find an ancient version of BIND with this issue (however, as I recall,
MaraDNS was able to transfer zones to both BIND 8 and BIND 9 when I
tested this back in 2001)

Another solution is to run a packet dump and compare the packets BIND
sends Microsoft DNS with the packets MaraDNS sends Microsoft DNS.
This will require us to work very closely together on the mailing
list.  Are you willing to do that?

Thank you for your bug report and your interest in MaraDNS.  I hope
you understand why this issue is probably not practical for me to fix
right now.

- Sam

Note: I do not answer MaraDNS support requests sent by private email
without being compensated for my time. I will discuss rates if you
want this kind of support. Thank you for your understanding.

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