problem zone transfer

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Mon Sep 28 21:59:48 EDT 2009

> As for your costs, give me a final number $200?  $500?  All I know is I'll
> need a flat fee (there's no way I can do hours).

OK, a MSDN subscription to buy any and all OSes Microsoft has made
will cost me $700.  Add another $200 to fix this bug (and to cover
PayPal overhead) and I can do it for $900.  As I understand it, this
MSDN subscription allows me to download and use any and all versions
of Windows

If you want to do it on the cheap, you'll have to wait until around
the new year for me to get the fix done.  I can purchase Windows
Server 2003 from for $420 and pick it up around Christmas
time with I'm with my family for the holidays. Add $150 for my time
(since you'll be waiting so long for me to do it), and that gives you
a price of $570:

So, those are your quotes: $900 now, or $570 if you can wait until January.

Thanks for your interest in helping sponsor MaraDNS!

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