Curious things with MaraDNS

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Mon Aug 2 02:15:36 EDT 2010

> since a few month I noticed DNS lookups for '' results in

It gets a timeout in Deadwood 2.9.02.  This is because it’s one of the
very rare cases of having a packet that doesn’t fit in 512 bytes:

$ askmara
# Querying the server with the IP
# Remote server said: TRUNCATED
# Question: +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a +3600 a
# Hard Error: Error reading rr in AN section

I hope to have time in the next couple of days to update Deadwood to
handle truncated packets.  Right now, Deadwood *should* mark the
packet as being truncated, and allow DNS-over-TCP (without caching the
reply).  This works with upstream_servers but, it would seem, not with
root_servers (if it broke with upstream_servers, I would have noticed
during the SQA regressions)

- Sam

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