[MaraDNS list] Deadwood cache file is not created

Sebastiano Pilla sebastiano at datafaber.net
Fri Apr 29 10:37:02 EDT 2011

Sam Trenholme wrote:
> It's your lucky day--today is the one day every two weeks when I
> babysit MaraDNS (answer email, fix bugs, etc.)
>> I would like to use the
>> persistent cache feature but the cache file is not created.
> I have verified that I can create a cache file with the configuration
> you shared on the list in Scientific Linux 5 [1] (as an aside, have
> you had any issues using Deadwood as a fully recursive client instead
> of piggybacking off of Google's DNS servers?)

I haven't tried it, but now that you mention it I will set up Deadwood 
as a fully recursive resolver. I'll give it a week to see how things go 
and I'll report back to the list.

> So, some things to check:
> * Is Deadwood being killed with a TERM signal and not a KILL signal
> (kill {pid of Deadwood} instead of kill -9 {pid of Deadwood})?

That was it! I had a 'kill -9' in my shutdown script, as soon as I 
replaced it with a simple 'kill' and I stopped the daemon I saw the 
cache file created in the configured directory.

Thank you very much for your help.
Sebastiano Pilla

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