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Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 11:37:29 EDT 2011

Some thoughts on this thread:

* Developing MaraDNS again.  I will never say never because I don't
know how I will feel when I wake up tomorrow or the next day.  Based
on what I feel right now, this will only happen if either 1) Someone
pays me to develop MaraDNS 2) I hit gold and retire young.

The reason for this is because there just isn't any money in it for
me: no direct money because it's, well, Free software; little
"resume-ware" money because plain C without C++'s classes isn't a very
marketable skill any more. [1]

That said, I have some good news for the MaraDNS community: I have
changed employers [2] and no longer have a conflict of interest
receiving money for MaraDNS.  I will probably have donations set up
again, but on a strictly "tip jar" basis.

* GPL vs. BSD vs. Public domain: I originally made MaraDNS public
domain; I changed this to a simple 2-clause BSD license because of
concerns people had with the legality of making it public domain.

The appeal of the GPL is because a company can release some GPL code
and have their business model be "If you don't want this to be GPL,
pay us".

* On Microsoft: When I was young and idealistic, I had a real
"Micro$oft sucks" attitude; I only used Linux on the desktop.  Today,
I regret thinking that way.  I have seen people proclaim the year of
the Linux desktop for years and it has never happened and never will
happen. [3]

Not to get completely off topic, but configuring things in Linux is
just too much of a pain in the butt for me.

For example, in Ubuntu, the touchpad on this S10-3 has this annoying
"click whenever I stop moving my finger on the touchpad" behavior.
Fixing it in Linux would require Google searches and editing text
files.  This isn't an issue in Windows since it comes with a driver
for the touchpad; if it didn't, fixing it is a simple matter of
downloading the driver then "Next", "I agree", "Next", "Install",

If I'm going to do Google searches and learning how to edit text
files, it better be something that can pay me, such as learning
Javascript and jQuery.

Back to MaraDNS:

Deadwood is still fairly new and I am definitely interested in knowing
about domains that don't resolve with Deadwood but do resolve with
other DNS servers.

- Sam

[1] Unless one is writing Linux kernel modules, which MaraDNS isn't.

[2] Since you asked: I needed to be able to spend more time in Mexico
with my wife until she has permission to come with me to the US.

[3] Linux's chances of becoming a desktop operating system died in
2002: http://set.tj/+kd6a

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