Nameserver issues

Shaan shaanlumley at
Tue Feb 1 09:16:23 EST 2011

Hi Remco

Thanks for the reply.

Where I'm getting confused is, is how do I get and ns2 to be
the nameservers for the domain?

The domain is with namecheap, where I have the A record pointing to
#.#.#.50, and I have registered the nameservers at namecheap, with ns1
pointing to #.#.#.50 and ns2 pointing to #.#.#.51.

I've added the required entry in mararc to point to the db file, and in the
db file I just have NS #.#.#.50 NS #.#.#.51

Is that all that needs to be done or am I still missing something?


On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 08:35, Remco Rijnders <remco at> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 11:10:59PM +0200, Shaan wrote:
>> At the moment, I have registered at Namecheap, with the host
>> records pointing my VPS. The A record for the domain is pointing to the
>> main
>> IP of the VPS. I've then also registered and
>> ns2.example.comto the main and secondary IP's of the VPS.
>> On the VPS I've installed MaraDNS and got it running, with the most basic
>> settings:
>> csv2 = {}
>> bind_address = "#.#.#.50, #.#.#.51"
>> chroot_dir = "/etc/maradns"
>> no_fingerprint = 0
>> What I'm trying to achieve is, is to have Namecheap handle the DNS for
>> .com's, .net's. etc but MaraDNS handle DNS for's. So what I'd like
>> to
>> be able to do is use the VPS to host the nameservers and
>> for the's.
>> The's need 2 nameservers to be registered, and do not work with
>> Namecheaps FreeDNS at all!
>> Is it even possible to do this with MaraDNS, and if so how could I get it
>> working?
>> Thankyou in advance :)
> Hi Shaan,
> Yes, maradns can do this for you. In fact, MaraDNS can serve any kind of
> DNS record for any kind of hostname, whether that's a real registered domain
> name or just something you made up (though, the latter obviously never would
> resolve for outside parties).
> Once you manage to have and ns2 as the nameservers for
> your domain, your DNS servers should be queried for any
> Please note that some registrars have quite specific rules on what can and
> can't be set as a nameserver for your domain. Possible speedbumps they might
> introduce is checking the intended nameservers to see if they indeed have
> the zone in question, check serial numbers, check that you don't register an
> IPv6 only nameserver, etc. etc. I'm not sure if anything like this exists
> for .za registrations.
> See the documentation on how to create the zone file for
> . Using tools such as dig or nslookup you can check the
> records on your server to see if they work as intended before changing the
> nameservers over to yours.
> If you continue to experience issues, please write again and include
> specifics on any errors you might get, software versions used, etc.
> Sincerely,
> Remco

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