Error messages should specify which zone contains the error?

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at
Thu Feb 3 17:49:53 EST 2011

Hi Sam,

I am in the process of taking over from Kai the Debian packaging for 
maradns. I am reviewing the bug reports as they currently stand. I thank 
you for how helpful you have been in the past.

There is one bug report I think worth forwarding to you:

When MaraDNS outputs a warning to the syslog about an error in a zone
file, it doesn't actually specify which RR or zone the error is in.

[See web page for example].

The warning about having an IP in the MX record actually applies to the zone, but is output at the end of parsing all zones. Ideally,
the error should mention which RR or zone the problem is in. On a DNS
server with a few hundred zones, it would make tracking down the problem
a bit easier.


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