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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
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On 07/07/2011 07:15 PM, Sam Trenholme wrote:
>> I like the idea of PayPal, Payson, and other donate buttons. They may or
>> may not bring in much, but they certainly bring it to you instead of
>> relying upon the affiliate SPAMming that ads are.
> There is, in fact, a donate button on MaraDNS's web page.  I reinstated it
> back in May: http://aem2.vk.tj As it turns out, I didn't get a single
> donation in all of May nor June, which was one of the things that motivated
> me to put text-only ads on MaraDNS' web page.

yes I remember when you said you were no longer encumbered by a
potential conflict of interest and was putting it back up :)

> I'm curious what kind of product you would like to see me sell.  Are you
> thinking of a CD-R in a jewel case with Nicholas Bamber's MaraDNS logo on
> the front?  

Yes. It may not bring in a thing, or it might. I don't know. But I do
personally believe that anytime someone has a business product (GPL'd,
BSD, MIT, Artistic License, or otherwise) There should be a tangible
version of that product available commercially.

As I indicated before, Patrick Volkerding gets about 50 bucks a year
from me - it ain't much, but it helps, and although I never unwrap the
jewel case, I proudly display it in my ubergeek bookcase :)

I even bought Solaris when Sun made it free - I got the very last free
version of Solaris for Sun4U and X86 (Solaris 10 10/09), just before
EllisonCo rescinded the free license.

although I'll typically either d/l or make iso files from CDs/DVDs, If I
feel supportive of a product I will pay for the shrinkwrapped version to
be shipped to me, and I'll pledge to you that I'll do the same for MaraDNS.

Perhaps I can sell mugs at cafepress.com with this logo?

I haven't seen the logo yet. It got scrubbed coming to the list as I
recall, but yes, the nice thing about CafePress is that it's completely
free for you to setup, so there's no loss whatsoever regardless, unless
you consider the time to u/l a logo and pick out a couple of g-strings,
coffee cups, and wife beater T-shirts :)

>  Another possibility is making a book with all of MaraDNS' documentation,
> but there would be some labor involved getting the book together--which
> would necessitate me making the book non-Free.

If you want to do a hard copy thang, you may want to check out Lulu.com,
or I can look up a couple of others too. They're not all that cheap from
what I've seen though, and you may want to forgo that expense if you're
not sure on the return.

Also, There's some software affiliate programs where you can accept
subscriptions or one time fees with d/l links for software (in this
sense we're talking about docs) that have expiries - I forget who, and
actually have an account I've never used with them, but I know that the
CB Extension (Community Builder) For Joomla, although technically free
and GPL'd, had this sort of schemata if you wanted access to the docs.

I don't advocate, nor am I suggesting you do any of this for Mara DNS
docs - but if you really want to produce hard copy in the form of a
bound book, in addition to a downloadable pdf/html/ps format for free, I
think that would be a good idea - yet again, only if you think that the
expense will be recoverable.

I do know that there are *some* (meaning two or three I've come across)
on demand printer/publishers, that won't cost you anything, and pay you
a couple of bucks for each slightly overpriced copy of a book.

Again, in my opinion, this is much like the CD w/the software, it really
serves no purpose for the consumer other than to *Have it*, and be able
to put it on a book shelf to collect or have a tangible version they can
support you through.

I don't actually know if MaraDNS warrants enough voluminous copy for an
actual book, but then again, perhaps it could if you had walk-throughs
for devoping several types of models from the home user to the
enterprise or ISP - like, adding cookbook stuff well beyond what regular
docs are intended to provide (Still, a lot of well thought out work in
development and formatting which may not provide a return on your
investment of time).

> I, in no way, do not want to make the experience of MaraDNS.org unpleasant.
>  While I disagree with the morality of using ad-block, I understand that a
> person using this tool probably has legitimate reasons for using this tool

It's a philosophical reasoning on my part. I only occasionally use even
google, opting instead for goosh or scroogle.

I operate several port 70 servers (no such thing as SPAM w/Gopher). The
software archives I keep down the gopherholes are ONLY available via
gopher, which means IE users, can't get there at all, and I would have
even blocked http to gopher proxies had I not met with extreme pressure
to not do so.

I just don't do spam, don't subscribe to the notion that *domainers* are
legitimate anythings other than cybersquatters (even though Congress
thinks they legitimized and created that industry through legislating
and changing the meaning of the term cybersquatter or domain ransomer),
and a few other things.

Even my Albertson's, Ralphs, and other *Club Cards* are registered to
Brittney Spears with the same address as the Munsters on 1313
Mockingbird lane, Beverly Hills, 90210.

Some things are just on my private boycott or obfuscation or block list
- - and my definition of SPAM is one of those things I just categorically

> I am hoping that ad-block users find other way to compensate me for my
> bandwidth and, yes, my labor developing and maintaining MaraDNS.

If you do the CD w/Jewel Case & Logo, I'll indeed support your product
that way :)

> the meantime, people are free to click on the "Paypal donate" button
> prominently visible at MaraDNS.org (please don't tell me that adblock blocks
> even this).

You can breathe a sigh of relief - PayPal button is right up there at
the top :)

Kindest regards

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