[MaraDNS list] dig fails on zone transfer

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 15:33:13 EDT 2011

> i still found this error in our 1.4.06 installation of maradns.
> Can you provide a fix like this: http://samiam.org/blog/20110415.html for
> 1.4 users?
Eventually.  My MaraDNS plan right now is:

* Release Deadwood 3.0.03 this month or early next month.  This might take a
while: I discovered a blocking bug the last couple of days resolving
answers.yahoo.com with Deadwood: I know what's wrong and need to fix it
before Deadwood 3.0.03

* Once Deadwood 3.0.03 is out the door, I will then look in to releasing
MaraDNS 2.0.03.  Probably August sometime.

* Important fixes like this will eventually percolate down to the MaraDNS
1.4 branch.  I'll probably release that December sometime.

* Once the bureaucrats at Debian play around with MaraDNS, they may or may
not make this fix available in their version of MaraDNS.

Bottom line: If you can't wait for that fix:

* Go to http://maradns.org/download/2.0/snap and get the latest snapshot.
 Note that MaraDNS 2.0 does not support having recursion and authoritative
DNS on the same IP.

* Compile and install it yourself

* If you need this for 1.4 right now, all MaraDNS changes are available as
patches in snapshot tarballs; look in the update/2.0.03 directory

The reason why all this is so slow is because no one is paying me to
maintain MaraDNS.

- Sam

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