[MaraDNS list] How to compile MaraDNS 2.0 in Windows

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 21:19:13 EDT 2011

OK, that in mind I'll hold off Ubuntu 10.04 support until August and,
in the meantime, I'll put Cygwin on my Windows 7 partition again and
make sure MaraDNS 2.0 and Deadwood compile nicely in it.  I'll also
write up a step-by-step guide for Compiling MaraDNS 1.4 in Windows.

Nicholas Bamber has already done most of the heavy lifting of a full
Debian/Ubuntu MaraDNS port; from my end, it's just a question of
adding his patched to Duende and start up scripts to the MaraDNS 2.0
tarball to make them official.

- Sam

2011/7/25 JFC Morfin <jefsey at jefsey.com>:
> I was not aware of such risks due to the interface for programs like
> MaraDNS/Deadword, etc. If this is the case Scientific Linux is a better
> choice. Academics will be happy with it.
> Including Deawood in the Windows compilation explanation and cigwin are my
> priorities before Linux.
> Thank you !
> jfc
> At 21:14 24/07/2011, Sam Trenholme wrote:
>> > My intent is to motivate current young users (developers school, open
>> > source
>> > clubs). Ubuntu 11.04 is what we get as a CD right now. Do you feel there
>> > are
>> > instability issues ?
>> The issues I've seen with Ubuntu 11.04 is that:
>> * Some old-times don't like the new interface (such old times, in my
>> humble opinion, should be using Scientific Linux 6, which has just
>> about the same interface as Ubunto 10.04 and will be fully supported
>> until late 2017)
>> * Ubuntu 10.04 is a long term release--this means that it is supported
>> until April 2013 (desktop) and April 2015 (server).  Ubuntu 11.04 is
>> only going to be supported upstream until October 2012 or so.
>> * It's a newer release, trying out new technologies such as the Unity
>> interface.  One reviewer mentioned that it's "beta quality" [1].
>> Personally, my plan would be to support Ubuntu 10.04 this month, then,
>> if the donations continue, I will begin work on adding Ubuntu 11.04
>> support.
>> Nicholas Bamber has been doing a lot of work getting MaraDNS 1.4 to be
>> part of a well-behaved Debian package so I'll end up integrating a lot
>> of his work in to MaraDNS 2.0 making it play nicely with Ubuntu 10.04.
>>  His hard work makes it easier for me to port MaraDNS 2.0 to Ubuntu.
>> - Sam
>> [1] http://agxa.vk.tj To preview this link: http://preview.agxa.vk.tj/

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