[MaraDNS list] MaraDNS/Deadwood update

Sam Trenholme maradns at gmail.com
Thu May 23 22:37:40 EDT 2013

> Can you shed some light on the reasons for explaining supported
> platforms that way?

The supported OSes for MaraDNS are now any RHEL6 clone and Windows 7.
"Supported" is a question of responsibility.  I can answer questions
asked by people using those other versions of Linux or whatever;
MaraDNS hasn’t been tested by me on anything besides Windows 7/CentOS
6 and I can’t help with issues on those platforms.  It’s akin to
"removing this seal voids the warranty".  Sure, things will probably
work after removing the seal--but they might not, and I can't help
after one has decided to use PC Linux or whatever.

Just because MaraDNS/Deadwood is only fully supported in Scientific
Linux 6 and Windows 7 doesn't mean Deadwood doesn't run on other
platforms. It just means that, if you wish to run Deadwood on another
platform, it's up to you to make the port.

I have made the code portable; there should not be any endian issues
(this has not been tested since I don't have access to a big-endian
computer) nor non-standard libraries needed to compile this; I ensure
Deadwood compiles with no warnings when compiled with -Wall in GCC 3,
GCC 4.3, and GCC 4.4.

Note that Deadwood uses stdint.h, which some non-standards-compilant
proprietary compilers (Microsoft, *cough* *cough*) may not have.  If you
wish to compile Deadwood with one of these compilers, please find a
version of stdint.h for your compiler; I know there is a pstdint.h out
there that works with most Microsoft and Borland compilers.

Note also that some UNIX systems, such as Mac OS X, do not have the
POSIX-compliant clock_gettime() call, which is used so Deadwood can retry
more quickly when a DNS server upstream does not reply to our query.
To compile Deadwood on a UNIX system without clock_gettime(), use the
"Makefile.fallback" file.  From the src/ directory:

make -f Makefile.fallback

The Scientific Linux 6 Makefile should work on other Linux variants, as
well as other *NIX clones, but no guarantees.  For example, there is a
Cygwin Makefile included in the "src/" directory; while I haven't tested
this in a while, I once verified that Deadwood 2.4 compiles in Cygwin
without problem.  This may even make it possible to have a version of
Deadwood in Windows with IPv6 support; I believe Cygwin 1.7 and later
have IPv6 and it might be possible to compile in IPv6 this way.  Again,
if this is something you're interested in, feel free to send patches to
the MaraDNS mailing list.

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