[MaraDNS] MaraDNS support update

Sam Trenholme maradns at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 10:12:17 PDT 2014

Why I have stopped using MyBB, and how to now get MaraDNS support.

==Goodbye MyBB==

Now that I am a family man, I do not have time to be on the constant
upgrade treadmill. MyBB 1.6.4 (which required a lot of core files to
be replaced to update from the previous 1.6 release) was released
three years ago, and they now have released 1.8 which requires a lot
of changes which I would have had to do my hand to update.

Since MyBB does not have a great security record (with some 114 CVE
results), the only way I can keep MyBB reasonably secure is to
constantly update it. Since they no longer are updating the 1.6
branch, it’s just too much bother for me to still use this program.

That in mind, http://forum.samiam.org is now a static archive of posts
made there; MyBB has been completely removed. I have added a note at
the top of every page there on how to get MaraDNS support.

==Getting MaraDNS support==

The way to now get MaraDNS support is to file an issue in GitHub:


- Sam

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