[MaraDNS] I no longer have time to fix recursive resolution bugs

Sam Trenholme maradns at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 07:07:40 PDT 2016

Deadwood's recursive resolution is not bug-for-bug identical to BIND's
recursive resolution; I have, ever since the beginning of 2015, have not
had time to fix these issues. This in mind, if using root_servers, a small
number of misconfigured domains which resolve in BIND anyway do not resolve
in Deadwood. These are the known issues:

   - MaraDNS does not resolve RFC-violating CNAME records combined with
   other records the way BIND does. Discussion:
   - MaraDNS does not handle out-of-bailiwick glue records for CNAME
   records the way BIND does. Discussion:
   - MaraDNS does not handle out-of-bailiwick glue records for NS referrals
   the way BIND does.

The first issue is caused because CNAME records with other records
downright violate the RFCs, so there’s no standardized behavior for
handling them. The second and third issue are caused because older versions
of BIND handled them differently than newer versions of BIND; MaraDNS'
recursive algorithm was designed in 2001 to emulated BIND's older behavior,
and the 2010 recursive rewrite used the same algorithm.
If I were to win the lottery, allowing me to retire early, I would have
time to fix these issues -- but right now I do not.

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