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HalfSipTest is a fork of the reference HalfSipHash implementation. This fork uses the official reference HalfSipHash code to generate HalfSipHash test vectors for MaraDNS’s automated tests.

HalfSipHash 1-3 — HalfSipHash with one round while processing the input and three rounds after the input ends — is used by the coLunacyDNS service in MaraDNS, as well as the BlockHash code which can store a large number of host names with both a low memory footprint and the ability to quickly check if a given name is in the list.

Since this code is used by components of MaraDNS, it is also tested. For HalfSipHash1-3 to be correctly tested, it needs test vectors to test against. Since HalfSipHash1-3 doesn’t have official test vectors, I generated my own test vectors using a fork of the reference implementation of HalfSipHash. This code is that fork.