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Deadwood is the recursive component of MaraDNS 2.0 and higher. Originally announced in late 2007, Deadwood started off as a DNS forwarder. In 2008, it became a caching forwarder. In 2010, it was made a fully recursive name server in 2010 and replaced MaraDNS’s recursive code that year.

While Deadwood continued to be a separate program with a separate numbering scheme and release schedule throughout the 2010s, in 2019 Deadwood and MaraDNS’s code base and numbering system were fully merged (resulting in MaraDNS’s version number being jumped up to 3).

Deadwood is no longer a separate sub-project; whenever Deadwood is updated, MaraDNS is updated in its “Deadwood” directory.

To download Deadwood, download MaraDNS.