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A note for Debian users

2014 update It looks like the Debian MaraDNS package is being put on the back burner (it's only in "unstable" and was pulled from "testing") because of lack of maintenance. People who wish to continue using MaraDNS really should get it here or at

Debian’s “Stable” version of MaraDNS is usually an outdated version of MaraDNS that contains bugs that I have since fixed, or introduces new bugs. I do not support the Debian package for MaraDNS, and request that Debian users upgrade to the current stable version of MaraDNS before asking for technical support.

If using a 1.x version of MaraDNS, please read the update guide.

  • First, download the most recent stable version of MaraDNS from the MaraDNS download page or from the Sourceforge page.
  • Next, unpack the MaraDNS tarball. For example, if you downloaded the file "maradns-2.0.09.tar.bz2" (please only download MaraDNS-2.0.09 if it is the current stable version, which it is at time of writing this document), type in this command:
    tar xvjf maradns-2.0.09.tar.bz2
  • Enter the maradns-2.0.version directory, where version is the bugfix revision number of the most current 2.0 release of MaraDNS.
  • Compile MaraDNS 2.0.version with the following commands:
    ./configure; make
  • If the above fails, you may need to install the "gcc" and "libc6-dev" packages before being able to compile programs:
    sudo apt-get install gcc
    sudo apt-get install libc6-dev
  • Once MaraDNS is compiled, make sure to stop the MaraDNS daemon:
    /etc/init.d/maradns stop
  • Now, replace the outdated MaraDNS program that comes with Debian. From the maradns-2.0.version directory, type in the following command:
    sudo cp server/maradns /usr/sbin/
  • Restart the MaraDNS daemon:
    /etc/init.d/maradns start
At this point, your MaraDNS daemon is now the fully supported version of MaraDNS. If you continue to have the bug or concern after upgrading to the latest 2.0 release, please let us know on the support forum so we can begin to resolve the issue.