AAAA requests are case sensative causing nxdoamin

Dantzig, Brian bdantzig at
Wed Oct 28 11:23:47 EDT 2009

I am running MaraDNS as an authoratative name server and have
had problems with some customers sending me e-mail. I have done packet
captures that show the customer doing a AAAA request for MEDLINE.COM
which is answered with RCODE 03 (NXDOMAIN). I do not have IPv4 addresses
and the remote system also does a query for an MX record but the AAAA
query comes first. The remote mail system fails once it gets the
NXDOMAIN response. I have a zone file for my domain "" which
has an A record like 
    %  A

When I test with:
    dig AAAA
I get the expected NOERROR  with no resource returned.

When I use all caps:

I have tested with maradns and it has not exibited this
behavior. I have sent this mail to the list for two reasons.
1.    To bring this to the attention of others who may run across this.
2.    To see if anyone has a suggested workaround.

I am planning on upgrading to v1.3.07.09 in the next couple of months so
I think I can live with this for now.

I want to thank Sam for all of the work he has done to create and
maintain this fine software. It is unfortunate that many people have to
deal with organizations where it is easier to spend thousands of dollars
for software and pay hundreds or thousands per year for lousy support
than to cut a check to the developer to get something fixed or added.
Nobody said the world makes sense. Sam, I hope your customers/employeers
can see that you don't just have the right tools and skills, you have
the Right Stuff!

Brian Dantzig
Senior Network Engineer
Medline Industries

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