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I would love DNSSEC for MaraDNS

I would love MaraDNS to have DNSSEC support. Unfortunately, I have bills to pay and a family to feed, so I will need to be paid for my work.

For me to implement DNSSEC for Deadwood using an external crypto library (like LibTom) would currently (January 26, 2014) require a grant of $75,000.

The reason why I am not starting a Kickstarter project at this time is because, as I understand it, kickstarter earnings are treated like 1099 income, do not include medical insurance, and Kickstarter requires me to give funders “rewards”.

For parties interested in funding Deadwood having DNSSEC support, please contact me (this email address is for people in a financial position to give me a $50,000 grant, not for random people on the Internet wanting free MaraDNS support).