Introduction to DNS

This document is meant to be an introduction to DNS for someone who has never administrated a DNS server or registered a domain before. Being a part of the MaraDNS package, this tutorial assumes that one is using the MaraDNS package.

What is DNS?

DNS is the method that the internet uses to convert difficult-to-remember numbers, such as '', in to easy-to-remember names, such as ''. The reason for this conversion is because the underlying protocol for the internet, TCP/IP, uses difficult-to-remember numbers to connect to other computers.

What is a DNS server

A DNS server is a program that performs the DNS conversion from names in to number. There are three kinds of DNS servers out there: MaraDNS' "Deadwood" program is a recursive DNS server; the "maradns" program is an authoritative DNS server. Whether one needs a recursive or an authoritative DNS server depends on what one is trying to do with dns: