MaraDNS and NAPTR support

Duane duane at
Thu Sep 20 14:27:44 EDT 2007

Sam Trenholme wrote:

> Well, I have added untested code to the "HEAD" branch of MaraDNS to
> add NAPTR support.  This code has not been tested and can very well be
> (currently) 100% broken.  See the MaraDNS blog for details on getting
> this version of MaraDNS.

Will try to get and build it and test it as soon as time permit, will
give you feed back etc as it comes along.

> Yes.  Use rsync over ssh.  :)

I would love to use SSH, but not all servers are under our control so we
had to opt for SSL instead :)

> Seriously, right now I my plan is to rewrite the recursive code to
> work better on systems which don't like having a zillion threads: A
> project I call the "deadwood" project.  We can talk about me adding
> features once that code is underway.

Are you talking about limited resource hosting, or embedded devices?

> Or, you can send me patches and I will integrate them in the "HEAD"
> branch of MaraDNS.  This is what Mr. Sarto is doing; as a consequence
> MaraDNS is getting better ipv6 support.

Would love to if I had the time to do everything on my plate as is ;)


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