Problem with .fr domains [TEST check if server is really recursive]: answer refused from server (IN/SOA: fr.)

Alexandre Lepage a.lepage at
Sat Aug 1 15:56:38 EDT 2009

I made the two little changes you suggested, recompiled maradns, and it
works just fine. As you see there I don't get the error anymore :

Thanks a lot for your precious help, and I want you to know that I share
your opinion about .fr registrars ^^ (and I think a lot of people do)

On Sat, 1 Aug 2009 03:26:58 -0500, Sam Trenholme
<strenholme.usenet at> wrote:
>> Actually, this may be a case of checking the RA flag.  RD/RA has always
>> been a hack with MaraDNS' code; I'll look at it tomorrow.  Time to go to
>> bed, it has been a very long day.
> OK, before signing off: The RA (Recursion Available) bit echoes the RD
> (Recursion desired) bit; this is needed so MaraDNS works with some
> brain-dead DNS code when running as a recursive DNS server.
> Can you recompile MaraDNS?  The patch to change things so RA is always
> is pretty small, but you need to be able to recompile MaraDNS to use it.
> What I can do is fix some issues and release MaraDNS 1.3.14:
> * Change js_str code to use <stdint.h> type fixed-length integers (this
> the only way to use those type of integers and have the code compile on
> multiple platforms)
> * Have it, so if MaraDNS is compiled as an authoritative-only DNS server,
> RA
> is always set to zero.  This will fix the problem with the anal and
> annoying
> French registrar who wastes their time caring about what this bit says,
> refusing to register domains who have this set to 1 but don't have
> recursion.
> Timeframe: Whenever I get around to it.  If you can't wait, just change
> line in MaraDNS.c and one line in udpsuccess.c that say "header.ra =
> rd_val"
> to say "header.ra = 0".
> - Sam
> I do not answer MaraDNS support requests sent by private email without
> being
> compensated for my time. I will discuss rates if you want this kind of
> support. Thank you for your understanding.

Alexandre Lepage
Difuzer Enr.
a.lepage at

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