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Summers, William wsummers at
Tue Feb 10 11:26:24 EST 2009

I'm having a build error on OpenBSD 4.4/amd64. 

Here it is: 
cc  -DVERSION=\"\" -DCOMPILED=\"\" -o maradns MaraDNS.c MaraBigHash.o
recursive.o timestamp.o read_kvars.o MaraAnyChain.o  udpsuccess.o
../libs/JsStr.o ../libs/JsStrOS.o ../libs/JsStrCP.o ../libs/MaraHash.o
../qual/qual_timestamp.o ../dns/Queries.o ../dns/Compress.o
../dns/bobbit.o ../dns/Decompress.o ../parse/ParseMaraRc.o
../parse/ParseCsv1.o ../parse/ParseIpAcl.o ../parse/Parse_ipv6.o
../parse/Csv2_read.o ../parse/Csv2_main.o ../parse/Csv2_parse.o
../parse/Csv2_rr_soa.o ../parse/Csv2_rr_aaaa.o ../parse/Csv2_rr_a.o
../parse/Csv2_rr_wks.o ../parse/Csv2_database.o ../parse/Csv2_rr_txt.o
../parse/Csv2_esc_txt.o ../rng/rng-api-fst.o ../rng/rng-alg-fst.o
udpsuccess.o(.text+0x4d6): In function `udpsuccess':
: undefined reference to `long_packet'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** Error code 1

Stop in /root/src/maradns/maradns- (line 55 of

The authoritative server builds/runs fine (with a couple of simple
tweaks.) The error occurs only in the recursive code. 

William Summers
Network Administrator
Information Technology Services
Deerfield Academy

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