Hostnames on an internal subnet that also resolve in public DNS

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Wed Feb 11 14:12:16 EST 2009

OK, to clarify, what MaraDNS can't do (but what people have frequently
asked for over the years) is have it so a given host name resolves
differently depending on the IP someone has.

> So maybe my question could be rephrased as follows.  Is it possible to
> configure MaraDNS to provide the same functionality of /etc/hosts?
> 3) even if some of the addresses are on the same domain as those we manage
> with MaraDNS.

Yes, MaraDNS can do this.  In particular: It is possible to have
MaraDNS resolve with the authoritative nameserver, but
use recursion to resolve

This is done something like this:

Make a zone called or what not.

Then add entries to the zonefile that aren't part of this zone, such
as "" or ""

For example, this 4-line mararc file will allow on to have IP
addresses in the file named "db.list" similar to /etc/hosts:

ipv4_bind_addresses = ""
recursive_acl = ""
csv2 = {}
csv2[""] = "db.list"

The file "db.list" can now look like /etc/hosts (but with the name
before the IP):


If you want a single name to have multiple IP addresses, that's also easy:

You can even have non-A records: TXT 'Foo!'

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