NS subdomain delegation problems with

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 10:38:29 EDT 2009

> I am using Debian Lenny's MaraDNS package and having
> trouble with NS delegation for select subdomains.


>  $ askmara Aremoteserver.fewerhassles.com.
>  # Querying the server with the IP
>  # Question: Aremoteserver.fewerhassles.com.
>  # NS replies:
>  remoteserver.fewerhassles.com. +86400 ns ns1.easydns.com.
>  # AR replies:

MaraDNS authoritative code creates DNS packets intended for other
recursive DNS resolvers to resolve; packets for stub resolvers are not
created.  The above output is the output one should get when getting a
NS referral.

If you want MaraDNS to have packets with the complete answer resolved,
the procedure for making these kinds of packets is identical for the
procedure for resolving dangling CNAME records:

(Note, if you are reading the archives and can not see the following
link, please read the same message in another archive of the mailing


I really need to add a FAQ about this; I think this is the second time
I have had to answer this question.

- Sam

Note: I do not answer MaraDNS support requests sent by private email
without being compensated for my time. I will discuss rates if you
want this kind of support. Thank you for your understanding.

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