NS subdomain delegation problems with

Brad Fritz brad-maradns at fewerhassles.com
Tue Sep 15 14:51:49 EDT 2009


On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 09:38:29AM -0500, Sam Trenholme wrote:
> > I am using Debian Lenny's MaraDNS package and having
> > trouble with NS delegation for select subdomains.
> [...]
> >  $ askmara Aremoteserver.fewerhassles.com.
> >  # Querying the server with the IP
> >  # Question: Aremoteserver.fewerhassles.com.
> >  # NS replies:
> >  remoteserver.fewerhassles.com. +86400 ns ns1.easydns.com.
> >  # AR replies:
> If you want MaraDNS to have packets with the complete answer resolved,
> the procedure for making these kinds of packets is identical for the
> procedure for resolving dangling CNAME records:
> http://www.maradns.org/tutorial/dangling.html

Thanks for the pointer.  In hindsight, I probably should have
recognized the similarity to the dangling CNAME problem while reading
that FAQ entry prior to posting.

Did that behavior change between MaraDNS and ?
I ask because the "dangling NS" issue does not present itself on my
old OpenWRT router running with a similar split DNS setup.

FWIW, since I already run dnsmasq in front of maradns, I chose to add:


entries in dnsmasq.conf rather than run a second instance of maradns.
The trade-off is now I have host data spread between two locations.

Perhaps a third, albeit more complicated, solution would have been to
do scheduled zone transfers from the upstream (public) DNS provider
and somehow merge the public addresses with the private IPs that
maradns is authoritative for using a script. 

Thanks for your help and for your work on MaraDNS, Sam.


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