Deadwood 2.9.03 released

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at
Fri Aug 6 14:12:51 EDT 2010

I have just released Deadwood 2.9.03:

* Updated dwood2rc_n_timeout_seconds SQA test to work around CentOS
bug (reported: )

* Got packets too big to fit in dns-over-udp to work when running
Deadwood as a recursive nameserver

* Fix IPs in ACLs without netmasks

* Increase timeout when a child query is spawned

* Add new compile-time define: XTRA_STUFF for routines only used while

* Deadwood can now handle a DNS reply with a DNAME in it

* Retries and remote IPs we connect to are are now logged at
verbose_level 128 or higher

* Deadwood now sends NOTIMPL in reply to EDNS packets instead of dropping them

I have also updated MicroDNS and NanoDNS to handle EDNS packets better
(by sending NOTIMPL).

Thinking about it some more, I think it makes more sense for Deadwood
to just ignore the EDNS part of a DNS packet instead of sending
NOTIMPL in reply to EDNS packets; this is how MaraDNS has been doing
it for years, as well as DJB’s dnscache.

It can be downloaded here:

Please keep the bug reports coming.  I really appreciate all of the
reports I have gotten.

- Sam

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