MaraDNS 1.4.04 released

Sebastian Müller at
Wed Aug 4 14:46:11 EDT 2010

Am 04.08.2010 19:22, schrieb Sam Trenholme:
> What I can do to keep Deadwood white-listed for a while is to only
> update the Windows port of Deadwood but not MaraDNS’ Windows port
> (which comes with Deadwood 2.9.02 pre-compiled) until we decide
> Deadwood is pretty much bug-free and release Deadwood 3.0.01.

In first place, I want to know how fast is Avira taking action. Lets see
how long they take to bring it in their virus definitions.

> Speaking of Deadwood, I have just made a snapshot of Deadwood with a
> patch to #ifdef out various routines that I use while debugging
> Deadwood, but that the end-user program doesn’t use.  I’ve reduced the
> size of the Linux binary by nearly a kilobyte and the Windows binary
> by 512 bytes doing this.
> It can be looked at here:
> - Sam

I'll fetch it.


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