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Interesting, but I don't actually concur with much in this thread on the
*English* side of things.

AFAIC, and according to every single textbook I've ever cracked on the
subject, *daemon* is pronounced DeeMun, as in *demon*. The origin of the
use of the term daemon comes from DARPA's Project MAC at MIT in 1963.

In every University setting as well as old school UNIX shops I've worked
in, as well as in both versions of the GNU Testament of the Linux Bible
(and several other, even older texts) that I have, the word is
pronounced with a long EEEE.

Since it was a math team (as were most computer related things in those
days), they incorporated the term from inspiration derived from a
thermodynamics problem/experiment by James Maxwell in the 19th Century.

Maxwell's, *Helper*, was a daemon, separating molecules depending upon
their temperature. Although Maxwell was wrong, the invisible helper
*daemon* affecting control over the storage of matter was the analogy
that birfed our modern day usage.

This is confirmed by at least two members of the team, which is now
called CSAIL.

Here's some fups if you're interested in citations:




On 07/12/2011 11:03 PM, Sam Trenholme wrote:
> You're right, of course, but let me tell you a story...
> Once upon a time, when I was at Berkeley (this was back when the legendary
> XCF fishtank still existed), someone was pronouncing "daemon" "Demon" and
> was quickly corrected; the pronunciation is "daemon" (Like "day-min" or, in
> IPA: /dei.mIn/).  Likewise, with "duende", I wanted to use a word that was
> not "demon".
> Actually, the real reason I chose "Duende" is because it's a word in a song
> by a former Mexican pop group I liked called Kabah in their hit "La Calle de
> las Sirenas":
> http://samiam.org/kabah.html
> To really digress, while the group has broken up, the singer I had a crush
> on, Maria Jose, has a really post-Kabah successful solo career (@lajosa on
> Twitter / http://twitter.com/#!/lajosa [1] )
> - Sam
> [1] No, I do not know why Twitter has a "lajosa" program in their root
> directory, nor what scripts written in lajosa look like.  :)
> 2011/7/12 Jan-Piet Mens <jpmens.dns at gmail.com>
>>> It's Spanish for "daemon" :)
>> Daemon is demonio.
>> Duende is an elf or goblin.
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duende_(mythology)
>>        -JP

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