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djbdns in the 2020s

Since no one else appears interested in maintaining a djbdns fork here in the 2020s, I have stepped up to the plate to make sure there is a currently maintained djbdns fork.

I am basing my code off of the now-abandoned N-DJBDNS fork of djbdns. I am using this fork because it was maintained and up to date as recently as 2017.

Since the amount of time I will devote to maintaining djbdns without pay is limited, this fork of djbdns has some very significant support boundaries:

  • I will update the IP list of root servers
  • I will update the code should a security hole with a CVE number is discovered. I may also update the code with fixes for security issues without a CVE number.
  • I will update the code as needed to make sure it can compile in a recent LTS release of Ubuntu. Right now, Ubuntu 20.04 is the supported version.
Any other support is not provided at this time.

My fork of djbdns is available at I also have a local copy of a recent Git checkout of this code in the file ndjbdns-2021-05-22.tar.xz, and a CHANGELOG is available.