problem zone transfer

Bryan Duff duff0097 at
Mon Sep 28 19:10:54 EDT 2009

I made a brief attempt at a "proof of concept" (look at the patch).  But it
never succeeded (even with only 3 records).  The count_tmp is probably an
incorrect size (it was going off of the specific SOA, NS, A, SOA message I
was trying to send (for '').

I'll see about some other packet captures (like what bind does when pulled
from Windows).

As for your costs, give me a final number $200?  $500?  All I know is I'll
need a flat fee (there's no way I can do hours).



On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Sam Trenholme <strenholme.usenet at
> wrote:

> > Windows Server 2003:
> >
> > "Invalid response from master DNS server at during attempted
> > zone transfer of zone  Check the DNS server at and
> > ensure that it is authoritative for this zone.  This can be done by
> viewing
> > or updating the list of authoritative servers for the zone.  When using
> the
> > DNS console, select zone Properties at server and
> click
> > the Name Servers tab.  If needed, you can add or update this server in
> the
> > list there.  As an alternative solution, you could also modify settings
> in
> > the Zone Transfer tab to allow transfer of the zone to this and other DNS
> > servers."
> To be honest, I'm sure this is a legitimate bug.  And, you know, if I
> was selling MaraDNS licenses for, say, $300 a pop, I would have no
> problem paying the $400 to $600 Windows Server 2003 costs to install a
> copy so I can look at this issue.
> I can not even look at this issue unless someone is willing to sponsor
> me to do so.  Their sponsorship will need to cover the cost of me
> legally having a copy of Windows Server 2003, in addition to covering
> my time to revise zoneserver.c to fix this bug.
> No, I will not download an illegal copy of Windows Server 2003 from
> The Pirate Bay (or wherever people get illegal media these days) just
> to fix this bug.  Yes, if Microsoft offers some kind of developer's
> program, I will fix this bug as soon as someone is willing to pay for
> me to join said program and get a copy of Server 2003 via this
> program.
> Bottom line: People, by and large, don't pay me for MaraDNS
> development.  I also haven't gotten enough goodwill and fame
> developing MaraDNS to get my dream job in Silicon Valley (I did get an
> interview with Google, but they never hired me).  So, alas, fixing
> Windows Server 2003 issues is a little beyond my budget right now.  :(
> Is there a free way to get this DNS server running in Windows XP Home
> Edition (Service pack 3 with all updates, Spanish-language)?  Because
> that is the copy of Windows I have a license for (two, actually; a
> VMware machine also runs XP Home in Spanish).  Another option is to
> find an ancient version of BIND with this issue (however, as I recall,
> MaraDNS was able to transfer zones to both BIND 8 and BIND 9 when I
> tested this back in 2001)
> Another solution is to run a packet dump and compare the packets BIND
> sends Microsoft DNS with the packets MaraDNS sends Microsoft DNS.
> This will require us to work very closely together on the mailing
> list.  Are you willing to do that?
> Thank you for your bug report and your interest in MaraDNS.  I hope
> you understand why this issue is probably not practical for me to fix
> right now.
> - Sam
> Note: I do not answer MaraDNS support requests sent by private email
> without being compensated for my time. I will discuss rates if you
> want this kind of support. Thank you for your understanding.

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