[MaraDNS list] Discussion: Putting ads on the MaraDNS web page

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at periapt.co.uk
Mon Jul 4 06:42:47 EDT 2011

I have no objection to ads on the website though I am sue Sam will
appreciate some ads are more irritating than others.

As I expect it to be several months before Debian is on Deadwood I don't
expect Debian to be high on Sam's prioity list, and in any case I expect
to put some effort into solving Debian specific issues myself before
raising them with Sam. However for the record:
1.) I have a patch making all the functionality in duende configurable
on the command line. Some of these options are useful for making
duende/maradns fit better into Debian. Some are good for rebranding
duende as a potentially generic tool.
2.) I have an issue with ej2man. The man pages generated fail to pass
Debian's quality checks. Again I am expecting to come up with my own
patches for this.
3.) maradns fails to build on Hurd as shown here:
. Unfortunately this is somewhat normal for Hurd and this is VERY low on
my priority list.

On 04/07/11 09:05, Sam Trenholme wrote:
>> 1. a documented full fledge current MaraDNS off-the-shelf compilation suite
>> installer. i.e.
> The document to compile MaraDNS in Windows can be written.
>> - a bundled zip file of the current version and adequate Windows compilers
>> (or URL to the most recent acceptable version) you can download on a machine
>> or on a USB key
> The Windows compiler is actually a pair of .exe files which I have here:
> http://samiam.org/software/MinGW-3.4.2.exe
> http://samiam.org/software/MSYS-1.0.10.exe
>> - a script to compile MaraDNS under Linux/MinGW/Cygwin and install it with a
>> ready to run sample configuration.
>> - hopefully a Bind.db format support.
> This has been mostly done.  bind2csv2.py should convert the majority
> of BIND zone files in to MaraDNS csv2 zone files (indeed, the reason
> why I updated the csv2 format between MaraDNS 1.2 and MaraDNS 1.3 was
> to make it easier to convert BIND zone files in to MaraDNS' zone file
> format)
>> The document should come with MaraDNS
>> - architectural blocks and function descriptions.
>> - help you would like to get from external developper.
>> - a part to would-be developpers.
> We can look at that down the road.  I would prefer to do that with
> Deadwood; the code base is a good deal cleaner.
>> This is to permit a student, a medium level developper to best try and
>> discuss MaraDNS with fellow students and FLOSS discussion lists.
>> And teachers to give an half-hour introduction to MaraDNS and to its code
>> with little preparation.
>> I am ready to translate the documentation in French if you can compact a
>> clear document in four pages.
>> 2. I have a crazy OS in view.
>> It would be to integrate MaraDNS into an Inferno OS package.
> I will see if this is something that can be done quickly.  I do
> believe Inferno is POSIX compliant--it is done by the same people who
> made UNIX after all, so I do not think it will be too hard to port to
> Inferno.
> I know "make" works a little different, as well as the Inferno version
> of "tar", so a bit of research will need to be done here.
> If you like Plan9/Inferno, there is both "Plan 9 from User Space" as
> well as 9base: http://hg.suckless.org/9base/
> These two packages can be put on top of a Linux kernel to give it a
> more Plan9/Inferno userspace than the traditional GNU tools which
> emulate a 1970s UNIX system.
>> 3. In terms of IPv6 I am interested in RFC 6296. As an IUser (Intelligent
>> Internet Use user) I support Fred Backer (Cisco is a good name :-)) and
>> Margaret Wasserman concepts but whish to integrate them into the ... DNS in
>> using digital names. Not much different from internationalized names but
>> relating to an IDv6 (IPv6 local IID) rather than to a chinese name.
> I don't have time to read RFC 6296 right now.
>> PS. I mailed $ 100 and I would suggest others do the same. Our common
>> interest.
> Thank you very much.
> Everyone: For personal reasons, I will not have Internet access for a
> few days.  I will hopefully have 'net again by the end of this week,
> or, in the worst case, next week sometime.  I will mail the list when
> I am on the internet again.
> - Sam

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